Saturday, December 24, 2011

King Jesus

Jesus entered this world and left this world under the proclamation of Him as King. Both proclamations instigated violent reaction. The wise men approached Jerusalem and King Herod looking for a king and it produces a small genocide in Bethlehem. Pilot approached Jesus with the accusation given to him by the Jews, "are you King of the Jews?" The charge would later be hung over Jesus' head as He hung on the cross.
Most people like the idea of Jesus as savior, teacher, healer, provider, counselor, etc. However, when Jesus is proclaimed King, Sovereign Lord over our lives, many react just as violently as Herod and Pilot.
Jesus is not a King in the line of Herod, ruthlessly guarding His throne. He is not a governor in the line of Pilot, indifferent and easily swayed. He is not a king in the line of Caesar, disengaged and indulgent. Jesus is a King filled with confidence, courage, compassion, generosity, grace, mercy, wisdom, truth and life. He is a King who will accomplish His will not by force or manipulation, but by self-sacrifice, love and justice. He is not a King to be suspicious of; but one to be submitted to.

Is Jesus your King?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are you ready for Christmas?

How many times have you been asked this question recently? It seems like the question of the season. When asked, typically my mind turns to preparations and presents. I rarely have my Christmas cards out, my presents purchased or my home decked out. In the past I've longed for a few extra days to prepare.

This year however my heart is yearning for Christmas. I have disciplined myself to read for Advent and celebrate through carols and hymns. This Christmas I am ready. The cards, presents and decorations are still unfinished but my heart is ready to celebrate the coming of my Savior.

What have you done to prepare for His arrival?